House Bakery Business - How to Start

  • Pick the Products to bake. You most likely already have a fantastic idea what you would like to bake and market in your small business , but it is a fantastic idea to determine just what you're planning to promote. ...
  • Strategy your own kitchen area. ...
  • Obtain a license. ...
  • Speak with a tax representative. ...
  • Establish ideal rates.

What is a Home Bakery?

A Home Bakery is described in Chapter 911 of the Ohio Revised Code to imply: "Any individual that owns or operates a home bakery with just 1 oven, at a range of normal home kitchen layout and situated in a house, used for baking of baked goods to be sold". "Home" means the main house occupied by the house's owner, on the state that the house contains just 1 cooker or oven used for cooking, which might be a dual oven, created for common home usage rather than for a commercial use, which the cooker or oven be operated at a typical kitchen inside the house.

House Bakery Business - How to Start

  • Pick the Products to bake. You most likely already have a fantastic idea what you would like to bake and market in your small business , but it is a fantastic idea to determine just what you're planning to promote. ...
  • Strategy your own kitchen area. ...
  • Obtain a license. ...
  • Speak with a tax representative. ...
  • Establish ideal rates.

Plan your kitchen space

If you're likely to create your house kitchen to the grounds to your new company, it's crucial to take care of it as a business atmosphere. You need to be certain you've obtained the ideal facilities to create the merchandise you're considering selling. Additionally, an proper amount of hygiene criteria is essential once you're operating a business of selling home-baked merchandise. Because of this, you must plan your kitchen in such a manner it is tidy, clean and functional. Children or animals at the kitchen space aren't a fantastic idea, because they are very likely to bring germs and other harmful items into your own kitchen.

Start baking and Promoting

Now that you have obtained the information sorted, You're ready to Begin baking Do not forget to market your new company, to be certain people know that delicious homemade goods will be available for sale right in their own community. Beginning a baking company can be quite a fun job to get up and running. From planning the item listing to receiving the logistics sorted and placing up your costs, it will not need to take long and, realistically, you'll be opening your company in a couple of weeks.

Hello 2016!  We're very excited to introduce our new and improved website.  Since we are living in the era of constantly evolving technology and social media, we thought it was important to have a website that we could easily update.  The new Robinwood website will include a blog.  This feature will be a great way for us to share content from our process (design and construction to completion), to trending kitchen styles and storage solutions.  We hope you enjoy!

Selecting your kitchen cabinetry is probably one of the most important decisions you will make as you begin the kitchen remodeling process.  The style, color, finish, and function of the cabinetry are a reflection of your home and personality. Whether you choose a basic white shaker cabinet or a custom green antique finish – understanding the differences between Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom Cabinetry is a must when shopping around.


Stock Cabinetry

Pros: Affordability, Short Lead Time

Cons: Limited Options, Limited Cabinet Sizes

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

*Lead Time may even be less depending on the location of the cabinet company in relation to the job site.

Stock Cabinetry is typically your least expensive type of cabinetry.  The majority of Stock cabinet companies offer a limited range of door styles, finishes, and cabinet sizes.  This allows the company to easily and quickly manufacture the cabinets resulting in a short lead time.  Many times the cabinetry is already assembled and ready to ship once an order is placed.  Typically, Stock cabinet companies will only offer full overlay style cabinetry.  This is something to take into consideration when shopping.  If you’re looking for...

We've been a dealer of Plain & Fancy custom cabinetry for over 20 years.  We've watched their business grow and expand over the years, so when they approached us few months ago about guest blogging on their website we were thrilled!  Plain & Fancy is a great company to work with and we're excited for the opportunity to further collaborate.

Rebecca wrote this article for Plain & Fancy on the importance of working with a kitchen designer.  Kitchen design, remodeling, and working with customers is our passion at Robinwood.  We find great satisfaction in seeing the joy on our clients' faces as they see their new kitchen come to life.  We're excited to share our opinion on why homeowners will greatly benefit from working with a kitchen designer

Below is the link to Plain & Fancy's website and blog.  Enjoy!

Plain & Fancy Blog: Why it's Important to Work with a Kitchen Designer


p&F blog.jpg

In a 2017 study conducted by Houzz featuring kitchen trends in the U.S., white cabinetry still remains the most popular among homeowners renovating their kitchens. In fact, white kitchens are twice as likely to appear in the homes of the Millennial generation when compared to the Baby Boomer generation.  Similarly, at Robinwood Kitchens we would estimate approximately 80-90% of kitchens that we’ve remodeled over the past five years have been in the “white” family.  White cabinetry is classic, makes any space feel more open, and coordinates with just about any style.  We certainly do love a beautiful, white kitchen – but we can’t help but get a little excited when a homeowner brave enough to think outside the box comes along!

This kitchen renovation is the perfect example of how to utilize beautiful, dark, walnut cabinetry to defy all perceptions that it would make a kitchen feel smaller or dark.  The combination of natural light from the new windows and light colored countertops, flooring, and backsplash compliments the walnut cabinetry and keeps the space feeling light, open, and airy.

Modifying the overall layout of the kitchen was also a priority in this remodel. Below are a...

With 2017 just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on the kitchen  design trends of 2016.  We’re looking forward to what 2017 has to offer the kitchen and bath industry!


Mixing Metals

From brass to copper and even rose gold, these statement pieces can be found everywhere from Restoration Hardware to Home Goods. It’s become very popular to use brass hardware as a pop of color on white and dark cabinetry.  It can also be used in contemporary and traditional designs, making the trend very versatile.  This aesthetic can be considered somewhat of a "throwback", so we're interested to see if this trend will stand the test of time and make it through 2017.

Top Knobs "Bit Pull" in Brushed Bronze

Top Knobs "Bit Pull" in Brushed Bronze

Architecture & Design by Elizabeth RobertsPhoto by BABA Antique Wooden Floors - Search transitional kitchen design ideasContemporary KitchenPhoto by Finish Point Trim & Millwork, Inc - Search transitional kitchen pictures

Soft Shades of Cabinetry

While white kitchens will always be a favorite, in 2016 soft muted colored cabinetry make a breakthrough into kitchen design.  From charcoal and soft gray to muted blues and pale green.  Plain & Fancy Custom cabinetry released new enamel finishes that...

Being in business for 40 years, we’ve seen it all! From expansive and open concept kitchens to compact and tiny kitchens.  No matter what size the space is, we love working one on one with our clients to create the most functional kitchen possible for their family to enjoy.

For most soon-to-be renovators the phrase, “the bigger, the better”, comes to mind when discussing kitchen design and planning.   While this idea may reign in the realm of possibilities and options, believe it or not - a large kitchen isn’t always the most functional.  Since space is a premium, when designing a small kitchen it’s important to figure out the absolute must-haves. One of our first questions to the homeowner is always “What is it that you like about your kitchen, and what would you absolutely want to change or improve?”  The answer to this question typically helps us form a list of wants and needs, then we can figure out the best way to incorporate those given the allowed space.

When we first met with this family of four it was obvious their existing space wasn’t working for their lifestyle.  We give the homeowners credit for trying to make the orange and gray scheme work by installing some fresh...

With the warm weather, kids out of school, and vacation opportunities – the summer months are the most popular time to embark on a kitchen renovation.  Some view this as an opportunity to eat out every night.  However, there are definitely ways to eat home cooked meals without breaking the bank and gaining extra lbs (wouldn’t you rather spend more on the kitchen remodel?!).  The homeowners who suffer the least during a kitchen renovation are typically the ones who are the most prepared.  Based on our experience we’ve compiled some tips and ideas that will hopefully help you survive your next kitchen renovation!

  • Making some meals ahead of the kitchen renovation demo and freezing them can be a life saver.  Not only is a home cooked meal comforting but it eliminates the necessity to eat out every night of the week!


  • Definitely keep your old refrigerator in a separate room until the new one is installed. Having the ability to refrigerate and freeze food will make the world of a difference.


  • One of the biggest benefits of renovating during the summer is having the grill as your new best friend.  It can’t get any easier than that!


  •  Completely clean out and remove any food products,...

Cabinet Refacing is a service we’ve been specializing in since the 1970’s.  We often call it our “bread and butter” because refacing is what eventually led to Robin’s transition from cabinet refinishing to complete kitchen design and remodeling.  Cabinet Refacing is a great way to give a kitchen a face lift.  It provides the opportunity to completely transform the aesthetic of a kitchen without having to embark on an entire remodel.  The high quality materials we use from Conestoga Wood paired with the craftsmanship of our installers allows us to provide a service that is unique in the kitchen and bath business.


It’s especially rewarding when we’re able to transform a space that not only fits the personal style of the homeowners, but also functions better for their family and lifestyle.  In this particular project, Cabinet Refacing was the best option for a young, growing family of three. The existing layout of the kitchen worked well for the couple, but they knew with a baby on the way that extra storage would be a necessity.  By installing all new doors and drawer fronts in a fresh door style and bright white finish, the kitchen looks brand new compared to the original...

In the past few years we’ve noticed an increase in our client's wants and needs for storage solutions in the kitchen. With the popularity of interactive social media websites like Houzz and Pinterest, consumers are much more aware of the abundant amount of options available to them.  One of our favorite steps in the kitchen design process is sitting down with our clients and taking the time to review all accessory options.  This is one of the ways the homeowner can really personalize their kitchen depending on how they cook, clean, and entertain.   

The following storage solutions are ones that we have found to be most common and successful among our projects.  Enjoy!

1.      Rollout Drawers

No matter the budget, rollout drawers are probably the number one request we receive from our customers.  Typically installed in base cabinets and pantries, rollouts are a simple solution that create a convenient way to store a variety of items.  In base cabinets 15” wide and over, rollouts can be especially useful for small appliance and pot/pan storage.  In pantry cabinets rollouts are ideal for the storage of cans, packaged goods, and cereal boxes.  



Over the years we have designed and remodeled hundreds (if not, thousands) of kitchens.  Every client and kitchen are different, which makes for a very interesting job working as a kitchen designer! But every once in a while, a kitchen comes along that really makes you stop, think, and appreciate the beauty of transformation.  One of the most rewarding experiences is creating a space that puts a smile on the homeowner’s face every day.

This project is one of the ones that makes us smile.  This kitchen was long over due for an update.  The homeowners work hard every day and enjoy having a space to come home to cook in at the end of a long day.  Their existing kitchen was lacking in storage space, function, and aesthetics.  The space definitely didn’t stand up to the elegant and traditional style of the old Victorian home.  Most notably, the layout of the kitchen also felt disjointed with oddly placed windows and valuable space that wasn’t being used properly.  Working within an existing space can be challenging, but seeing this kitchen for the first time felt like a good opportunity to push the limits a bit with the layout in order to show the homeowner’s the potential of their...

Cabinet Refacing is a unique service that Robinwood Kitchens has specialized in for over 40 years.  We take great pride in offering our clients an alternative option to completely remodeling without compromising quality and aesthetics.  Our secret is using the best quality refacing materials available from Conestoga Wood Specialties and employing our own installers that have refaced thousands of kitchen cabinets over the years.

Since cabinet refacing is a something that many are unfamiliar with, below is our step by step guide to the process.

Step One: Design & Details

The scope of a cabinet refacing project can vary depending on what modifications or changes the homeowner would like to make.  The project can either be very simple and the cabinets are refaced “as is”, or it can be more complex and may involve modifying existing cabinetry or adding new cabinetry. All these details are discussed in the very beginning for a few important reasons.  Modifications or additional cabinetry will affect the overall cost of the project and these details need to be hashed out so we can order the material and new cabinetry properly.  Often times we provide our clients with drawings of the...

No matter how easy they make it look on HGTV, embarking on a remodel is a big undertaking.  What they don't always show on TV is all the time and hard-work that goes into planning for a remodel.  Before the work even starts there may be weeks to months (sometimes even a year!) of preparations leading up to demo-day.  This is definitely something to take into consideration with your project timeline.  The process varies among design firms, and it can also vary depending on the homeowner's decision making abilities.  At Robinwood we strive to make the process as stress-free as possible.  Below you can find a step-by-step guide about our design process and how we work one on one with all of our clients.

Step One: Complimentary Consultation

o   Initial In-Home Consultation

o   Discuss Design Ideas, Aesthetic, etc.

o   Budget

o   Kitchen Documentation (Measurements, Photos, etc.)

The first step in Robinwood Kitchens’ design process is to schedule an in-home consultation with our new prospective client.  At this meeting we take time to get to know you, your home, and how you use your kitchen or bathroom.  We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes with the current space, your wants and needs,...

With the holidays right around the corner we thought it would be fun to feature some of our favorite design ideas and products to incorporate into the kitchen when working with our clients who love to bake.

1.      Cookbook Storage

Why not show off your love for baking by displaying your favorite cookbooks?  Not only does it add some personality to your kitchen, but it’s important to have those favorite recipes handy when baking during the holidays. 

Check out this Houzz article highlighting “mini kitchen libraries” – what a fun concept!

Photo by Godrich Interiors - Look for kitchen pictures

2.      Solutions for Recipe Discovery

For the homeowner who likes to keep their kitchen sleek and simple, there are a variety of products available to help better utilize a tablet in the kitchen for recipe searching.  Check out some of our favorite websites, apps, and products below:


This is our favorite websites/apps for collecting and sharing favorite recipes.  Yummly is a multifaceted service that suggests recipes, allows you to save recipes from the web, and even provides a grocery list feature for easy shopping.  Based on your personal taste and dietary preferences, Yummly generates...

It's been almost a month since our wonderful trip to the Subzero & Wolf Headquarters in Wisconsin.  At the facilities we spent two days fully immersed in the culture and products. Led by Subzero/Wolf experts, we explored the depth and breadth of the product lines, the up and coming changes, improvements, and additions to the appliances, and the company’s core values.  And to top it all off, we had the pleasure of interacting with their executive chefs during live cooking demonstrations in state of the art kitchens.

 I've taken some time to reflect upon the trip and wanted to create a blog post highlighting my take-away from the training trip.  Enjoy all the photos (especially of the delicious food)!

Photo Jul 25, 6 57 23 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 25, 8 01 10 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 24, 1 17 20 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 24, 1 48 41 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 24, 2 43 48 PM.jpg

Quality & Commitment

From the start it was apparent that the good hospitality...

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